The Shaolin Temple Certification Trip commences on 23rd of May this year too!

This year I will lead the ordinary instructor certification ceremony and as for the previous year a Japanese martial arts squad and will host the 2nd Sino-Japanese Martial Arts Exchange Conference, then as a new attempt will join ‘the 3rd International Buddhist Medicine Conference’. This year’s theme is ‘diet therapy.’

This will be big conference where eminent TCM professors, deans of schools and therapists from inside and outside the country congregate. This is a rare opportunity where you can learn about the TCM history and skills which originated in Buddhisim and interact with professionals. On the day we will be presenting theses too. We will deal with applications from those who specialise in the study and wish to present their theses, so please make a query at the earliest opportunity.


Master Qin attending the last year’s second ‘International Buddhist Medicine Conference.’↑↑

We have prepared one more special project –
a course designed for you to study the skills of tuina, which is a traditional therapy of China, and obtain its qualification accredited by the Chinese government.

This is a project discussed and established between master Qin and Henan TCM Institute (university) who had long had held networking with the master. In particular it is an exceptional thing which lets the students of our Association who have understood the TCM theories undertake a three-day long intensive practical lecture and pass the exam to be conferred the third grade in Tuina (advanced skills) which is accredited by the Chinese government. Those without membership of the Association interested in the Tuina qualification can participate too.

You can travel with the Shaolin temple’s 34th supreme grand master Qin Xiping and can meet the abbot of the temple directly and visit places general public may not access. The trip is packed with a variety of valuable events you cannot enjoy anywhere else including special rituals by monks, tales of zen, having Buddhist vegetarian cuisine with monks and special lessons in Shaolin Quan!

The deadline for the first batch of applications is Thursday, the 28th of February (Due to applying a group discount, the fees for later applications are subject to changes.

We are looking forward to everyone’s participation. Non members of the Association too can particiate in the trip. Please contact the office!!