Greetings to Everyone in this Happy Holiday Season !


Please let us extend our sincere gratitude to everyone whose paths have crossed ours till now.

Last year the world faced one of the biggest crisis, the coronavirus pandemic. The viral infection seems still spreading, and even some vaccines have started being available in certain countries, it will still take some time they will be available for many people across the world. For now, this winter is critical in that people need to protect themselves and their families. All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association has something to offer to you. We have the experience of nearly three decades of teaching people how to boost one’s immunity and natural healing power. The Shaolin Temple has a 1500-year old history of developing its own method of Qigong, which strengthens human’s system, both internally (sprit and mind) and externally (physical) at the same time. (40 years ago, Qigong Research Center of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine did studies about the effectiveness of Qigong and concluded that Qigong could boost immunity system by 400 percent. )


This year, for the first time, All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association has decided to start online lessons. COVID-19 has prevented many people from traveling. Our online courses will be available soon for international students to learn about and practice Shaolin Qigong. Those who succeed to finish the course can obtain a certificate of International Qigong Instructor. (Please see more on our homepage.)


All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association is ready to further contribute to people’s happiness, health and well-being in the year of 2021 and beyond.

Wishing all of you a wonderful new year!