Invitation to Shaolin Temple International Qigong Master Training Course

Online Classes


Instructor: Grand Master Qin Xinping,

The 34th Supreme Master, Songshan Shaolin Temple 

President, All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association


  • Challenged by the pandemic, Shaolin Temple Qigong can help you find a way to face it

  The world is under the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s resurging again in many parts of the world. When there’s not a vaccine available yet, some people may feel at a loss as to how to protect themselves. Looking back at the human history, this is not the first time we’ve faced a new kind of virus. We have been fighting all sorts of viruses and other pathogens throughout. Some fall victim to it, others survive. Everyone is equipped with his or her own immune system and spontaneous remission. But not everyone knows how to maximize the strength of one’s inner self-protection system. And here is what the Shaolin Temple Qigong may be able to help.

The Songshan Shaolin Temple has a 1500-year-long history. Although its martial art, or Kungfu has acquired international fame, its teachings are not fully understood. At the temple, it is believed that your body and mind are one being, and that it’s essential to train both outer (physical) and inner (mind) strength. Qigong is to train one’s inner force (Qi) that can only be activated through mental awareness. Practicing Qigong has a positive impact on both your mental and physical health and will help you fight against COVID-19 or other diseases.


  • Online classes given by Grand Master Qin Xinping

Shaolin Temple used to keep its Qigong and Kungfu techniques strictly secret. They were taught only among the monks. Today, the temple has opened its door to the world and they can be taught to anyone who is willing to learn.

Grand Master Qin Xinping is recognized as the Qigong Master by the Shaolin Temple. After training at the temple for many years to acquire the title of the 34th Supreme Master, Master Qin has been teaching Qigong and Kungfu in Tokyo for almost 3 decades. But this will be the first time he is going to give online classes.


  • Guideline of Online Classes

1) Details of online classes will be to be confirmed at a later date. We will try to accommodate with those who would like to participate as to which day/time will be best.  (It will most likely be on weekdays or evening time on Saturday or Sunday after 4pm)

2) Pricing will be the same as in-person classes. Please send us an enquiry about the fee.

3) There will be an orientation for online classes. We will notify you the dates of the orientation.

4) One course will take 4 years (in-person classes are held twice a month). But depending on the contents, that could be shortened.


  • Message from Grand Master Qin Xinping

It is a great pleasure for me to be able to share the secrets of the Songshan Shaolin Temple’s Qigong to people around the world. In 1994, I was given the special permission from the abbot of the temple, Venerable Shi Yongxin, to teach Shaolin Qigong outside of China. Since then, I have been teaching it to many of my dicsiples in Japan where my scientific research originally took me. Shaolin Qigong can help develop one’s potential and can have a great impact on physical health, resilience, esthetics, mental and spirit and other aspects of life.

The master training course (in-person classes) is usually a 4-year long course. The online classes can be of the same content, and students will be able to get a diploma of International Qigong Master, which will enable one to be able to teach Shaolin Temple Qigong. Let us explore the power of our mind and body. I hope to see you soon.

  • Contents of the program

1.Basic Shaolin Qigong

Students will learn the very basic Qigong movement. It will help boost health, diet  and aesthetics.


  1. Three most important Dynamic Qigong
  2. 36 Movements of Crain Gong

This is a long, fluid form, one needs to learn to perform the complete form   which will take over thirty minutes. While practicing, one can learn how to “calm your mind while moving”, “regulate body and mind” and “balance Yin and Yang.” After a year-long practice, one’s health and flexibility will be markedly improved.

  1. Tiger and Dragon Twin Form Life Cultivation Gong

This is a relatively short, 4 minute form. It is to combine Qi from King of Tiger   and Qi from God of Dragon to nourish your health and life. You will be able to control the flow of your Qi as well as the strength of Qi. As you move, you’ll be able to feel your Qi all the way to your fingertips. In your daily life, your personality, appearance, movements and sprit will be enhanced.

  1. Lo Han Shen Gong

Lo-Han means higher level of Buddhism training. This form was created by

the essences of Qigong and roots of ancient Shaolin training. Through the

training, you can be reborn, returning to the source of all things, nourishing

the spirit and body.


  1. Passive Qigong

We will learn how to clear one’s mind practicing Zen, or meditation and then

how to develop one’s potential to the full level by learning 93 different

methods. By mastering these methods, one will be able to reach higher level

of self-realization.


  1. Theories

We will cover from Basic knowledge of Chinese Medicine to the latest Qigong

theories to ailment – healing theories. .


5  Applying External Qi

One will learn 130 different kinds of methods to practice how to guide Qi to

apply diagnosis and healing. We will train students to be able to maximize

their use Qi.


Additional Notes

  1. At every level, there will be an examination one needs to pass to the next level.
  2. One can obtain a certificate when achieving every level.
  3. When mastering both the first Basic Level, and the three dynamic Qigong, one

can be admitted to be certified as Dynamic Qigong instructor from the

Shaolin Temple.

  1. If one quits the training course in the middle, the paid fee can’t be refund.
  2. The content of the online classes shall not be copied or distributed. If a breach

is found, it may lead to a legal action

For any inquiry, please contact:

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