The sole organisation teaching the millennia-old qigong tradition of the Songshan Shaolin temple headed by its 34th supreme grand master, Qin Xiping! Offering tuition and treatment by the award-winner of the best world qigong practitioner prize who hosts a third international qigong conference this year!


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Welcome to the official website of The All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association!

Have you heard of Shaolin temple qigong?
Perhaps people imagine martial arts and kung fu that they saw in films when they hear the name ‘Shaolin’.
There would be people who come to know Shaolin temple qigong for the first time on this site.
Also there would be many who think of Shaolin boxing in Japan, so we would like to begin by simply explaining what Shaolin temple qigong is.

This Association was established by a Chinese national, Qin Xiping, in year 1994.
At present each class of this Association is either directly run by Master Qin or based on the teaching passed down solely by him.

Qin Xiping, the director of this Association, was elected as the 34th supreme grand master of the Shaolin temple at the age of 22 years.
Master Qin became the second person to succeed in the 100 day-long training method known as the Great Isolated Vigil (大閉観) in the 1500 years of long history of the Songshan Shaolin temple.
The temple has had no one to change the record ever since.

Since childhood Master Qin has trained hard in martial arts. After enrolling at the Shaolin temple as a secular disciple, the master honed skills even more, mastered secret qigong methods passed down in the Shaolin temple and was endowed by the abbot of the Shaolin temple, Shi Yongxin, with all of the rights pertained to the most important secret qigong methods, which are held with the greatest reverence in the Shaolin temple who had had its door closed to the outside world over 1500 years.


In teaching the secret qigong methods outside the temple, Master Qin was called for a meeting numerous times by the Shaolin temple. Back then the master studied at Tokyo University as a funded international student. At the request of his friend, Master Qin performed external qigong application to patients in Setagaya ward, Tokyo. Further in response to buoyant demand of people around to teach Shaolin martial arts and qigong and for purposes of improving the health of the body and mind of people around the world, contributing to society and widely disseminating his own internalised qigong methods of the Shaolin temple, Master Qin disclosed Shaolin temple qigong and martial arts to the Japanese and embarked upon coaching them for the first time in history under the auspices of the Shaolin temple. Moreover, the master established based on his own curriculum the Shaolin temple qigong instructor training course which is comprised of dynamic qigong, passive qigong (seated zen), theories and practice and has been focusing his effort on training many instructors.

As represented by such phrases as ‘In motion resides stillness; in stillness resides motion.’ and ‘zen, bu, tathata as one’, the realisation that motion and stillness coexist can said to be a characteristic of the Shaolin temple which others do not possess.

The qigong methods born out of the history of the Shaolin temple is suitable not only for people who perform martial arts or spiritual training.
The spirituality of zen and the mind of martial arts which lie at the heart of Shaolin temple qigong can only be gained from each and every movement and deep seated zen.
It will form not just body and mind training but true healing common to everyone.

We cordially welcome anyone who has viewed this site and is destined to meet us.

Recently the instructors who trained with us have come to widely teach Shaolin temple qigong and martial arts to children, the elderly and people with disabilities.
In today’s society Shaolin temple qigong and martial arts are widely taught and practised for the health of body and mind.

For your own health

For training

To level up

To obtain qualification and play the role of instructor

To make use of your learning for society as a whole to benefit.

As a hobby

As a common subject among partners, family and friends

Like so, everyone’s objectives are manifold.

Now then, why don’t you start learning Shaolin temple qigong and martial arts with us?
Please feel free to contact us.

Many people regaining the harmony of their body and mind will be a real help not only for yourself but to regain harmony in the society as a whole in which we live.

The All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association as an organisation to contribute towards everyone’s physical and mental health and even better society would like to continue making progress with many people attuned to the goals of our Association.

We deeply appreciate the destiny which brings us together.

The All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association

March 2010

Please feel free to contact us. TEL +81 (0)3-6273-8889 Phone:10:00~18:00 on week days

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