The sole organisation teaching the millennia-old qigong tradition of the Songshan Shaolin temple headed by its 34th supreme grand master, Qin Xiping! Offering tuition and treatment by the award-winner of the best world qigong practitioner prize who hosts a third international qigong conference this year!

Basic Shaolin Temple Qigong

This is an ongoing class where complete beginners to advanced practitioners can harness their qi at their own pace.
With Shaolin temple qigong at its core, we take in popular qigong methods practised in China and perform qigong training in this class.

Through this training, you will become able to feel and control the flow of energy. The training produces relaxation of the mind and body, promotes stress reduction and natural healing and preserves physical and mental health and longevity.

Shaolin Temple Four-Section Method (少林寺四段功)

Most fundamental qigong method of the Shaolin temple. This Shaolin Four-Section Method is the thirteenth of the renowned 72 Shaolin Temple Arts and also the basic method conducted at the beginning of the martial arts class. This routine is designed to let your intrusive thoughts subside and revitalise and smooth the flow of energy within your body, balance your left and right and act on the left and right hemispheres of your brain too. It also employs movements which employ stretches, twists, punches and tiger paws to stretch your whole body, improve circulation in your capillaries, prevent senile dementia and preserve the stability of your body.

Energy Extraction Method (採気功)

A method designed to open the vital points and pores throughout your body and take true energy (真気) into your body by breathing and imagination. Effects: strengthening of your internal energy, intellectual development, improvement of health and longevity.

Shaolin First-Step Seated Zen (少林一歩座禅)

Trains your focus, intention, skin breathing and seated-zen qigong through whole body relaxation, breathing and imagination. Effects: strengthening of your internal energy, improvement of health and longevity, mental training.

Shaolin Temple Tendon Change External Channelling Nine Forms (少林易筋外経九式)

The movements are few and modest but incorporate deep breathing and nurture internal energy and normalise muscule balance.
This is a health regimen which directly comes from the Shaolin temple and also a training method for qi, spirit and physical body. Effect: strengthening of internal energy and stamina

Solar-Spirit Lunar-Splendour Ether Circulation Method (日精月華周天法)

Designed to extract the energy of solar spirit (日精) and energy of lunar splendour (月華) and at the same induce ether circulation. Effects: strengthens your qi in a short period of time and ability to adjust qi. In particular helps heal the disease of your eye, facilitates qi healing and nurtures divine light (神光) in your eye.

Shaolin Temple Reverse Stomach Breathing Technique (少林寺逆腹式呼吸法)

By performing reverse stomach breathing technique, your body and mind will relax, circulation improve, enhance the homeostasis of your autonomic nervous system and energise your cells.

Standing Toon Method (站椿功)

Characterised by a simple form and deep breathing. Strengthens the muscle of your whole body starting with your legs and hips. The most fundamental training method of the Shaolin temple. Highly effective for strengthening your qi.

Shaolin Regimen Six Forms (少林養生六式)

Graceful dynamic qigong performed to beautiful music. The movements are relaxed and improve your blood flow by harnessing your energy throughout your entire body.
Highly effective for treating illnesses and helps draw in energy and excrete ill energy.
Improves the passage of qi through your meridian channels and balances qi. Lets you feel the flow of qi better.
With imagination of the ether (upper part of the sky and beyond), earth, human, water, sun, moon and space, it facilitates the unity of your body and mind and the balance between your yin and yan energies. Further, you can normalise the flow of qi in your body and mind by yourself, let ill energy exit yourself and enhance your healing ability.

Qigong Dance (気功ダンス)

Series of whole body movements performed to rhythmic music. In particular it has beautiful arm and leg movements and is divided into 3 types – introductory, intermediate and healthy body.
Characterised by light steps and movements up and down and left to right performed to music.

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