The sole organisation teaching the millennia-old qigong tradition of the Songshan Shaolin temple headed by its 34th supreme grand master, Qin Xiping! Offering tuition and treatment by the award-winner of the best world qigong practitioner prize who hosts a third international qigong conference this year!

Qigong Instructor Training

Starting in April 2012!
Orientations to the 30th generation ‘Instructor Training Course’ to be held!

This time we are starting to let 30th generation students enrol with us.

We are currently running a course for the 29th generation where questions are thrown frequently by students who are eager to study in a fun and harmonious atmosphere.
On top of this due to the establishment of the Chinese medicine institute in the Songshan Shaolin temple, Qin Xiping been leading a hectic life between Japan and China and in future the admission to the instructor course is bound to be reduced from twice to once a year in number. Further, the number of direct sessions from Qin Xiping will be reduced and change to sessions given by our certified instructors.

In the course of 1500 years, it is only Qin Xiping who has been permitted to instruct in qigong methods imparted in the Songshan Shaolin temple anywhere in the world not to mention in the premises of the Songshan Shaolin temple. Please by all means benefit from this valuable fortune in Japan!! Why not take part in our free orientation? There is no forced induction at the venue, so if you are interested please come and join us.

Up until now hundreds of students have joined the instructor training course many of who have experienced positive changes.
But what about the instructor training course to start with? Is that something anyone can undertake? Is it a specialist course?
For people who have such anxiety and questions, please go to What is the Instructor?.

Schedule for 30th Generation Orientation Workshops
(Please apply early as we will be casting lots if many participate in it.)

3rd of March 18:00-20:00
3rd of November 09:00-11:00
17th of March 18:00-20:00

Venue for Orientation Workshops

The All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association

604 Koua Bulding
2-13-6 Shinjyuku, Shinjyuku Ward

Those who want to take part in it, please ring 03-5269-8441 or submit a form from here.
*The schedule is subject to adjustment or change depending on the circumstances of participation.

Dr Ryoichi Obitsu who is a leading figure in the alternative medicine society of Japan and is renowned internationally for his work is enrolled on the 24th generation course!


Concerning Qigong Instructor Training Course (Shaolin Temple Qigong)

On hearing the name ‘Songshan Shaolin temple’, if you have watched the film, you may imagine Shaolin quan (少林拳 or 少林武術 ‘Shaolin martial arts’) or if you know more, the birthplace of zen.
The Songshan Shaolin temple developed with ‘zen’, ‘martial arts’, ‘medicine’ and ‘qi’ as its four fundamental building blocks.

Originally Shaolin temple qigong flourished by being incorporated into the regimen of the monks training in seated zen to supplement their needs for exercise.
The qigong offers a wide range of benefits including recovery from injuries, improvement of health, healing illnesses, improved appearance and developing latent abilities.

In spite of all these, its details had never been imparted to anyone other than ‘selected disciples’ over the course of 1500 years. That is because the training was so set to achieve a high level beyond imagination. Added to that it meant to prevent malicious individuals from outside from harming citizens.

The 34th supreme grand master, Qin Xiping (Shi Yanping), of the Songshan Shaolin temple has organised, in parallel with his training at the Songshan Shaolin temple, his own qigong training curriculum, which beginners upwards can undertake without undue effort, with Shaolin temple qigong at its core by way of fostering networking and research with each qigong school within China since the age of 16.

The high standard of training method belonging to the Songshan Shaolin temple is an intellectual property of all the mankind. Shi Yanping implored the 33rd director of the Shaolin temple, Shi Yongxin to impart the skills and spirit to Japan and gained official permission to do so from the Songshan Shaolin temple in China and become endowed with all of the rights concerning instruction in Shaolin temple qigong.

Back in 1994, master Qin founded The All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association and established the qigong instructor training course teaching Shaolin temple qigong including the secrets which had never been disclosed for the period of 1500 years. This became the first attempt in the history of the Songshan Shaolin temple.

Changes to the body and mind through the training in Shaolin temple qigong is much too prominent. This is the amalgamation of Shi Yangping’s Shaolin temple martial qigong training at the Songshan Shaolin temple in China and over 20 years of teaching and healing experience.

Today what is being taught in the qigong instructor training course of our Association is inversely exported to the Songshan Shaolin temple in China and adopted as the curriculum for instruction.

Please feel free to contact us. TEL +81 (0)3-6273-8889 Phone:10:00~18:00 on week days

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