Thanks to the collaboration with the Henan University of Traditoinal Chinese Medicine, this year’s trip to the Shaolin temple includes a Tuina workshop at the same university and the currculum for obtaining its national qualification

You can focus to hone your skills in a short time and further obtain a qualification in the Chinese government approved ‘National Tuina Practitioner Third-Grade (Advanded).’
This year we have opted to implement a curriculum for obtaining a qualificaiton through discussions with the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine who have a long business partnership with master Qin. This is a speical project which lets you acquire real skills in the home of the therapy and obtain a qualification which otherwise takes a takes a very long time and a lot of budget. Those aside from the members of this Association including doctors, acupuncturists, seitai practitioners and masseurs and those studying TCM can take part in this trip.

For further details, please contact the office of this Association.