The sole organisation teaching the millennia-old qigong tradition of the Songshan Shaolin temple headed by its 34th supreme grand master, Qin Xiping! Offering tuition and treatment by the award-winner of the best world qigong practitioner prize who hosts a third international qigong conference this year!

Greetings and Introduction to Everyone by Director

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Overview of the All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association

Songshan Shaolin Temple 34th Supreme Grand Master, Shi Yanping (Director Qin Xiping)

I am indebted to the destiny for bringing you to this page.

I think the people viewing this page is doing so for a variety of reasons such as ‘I’m keen on qigong and martial arts.’, ‘I want to be healthy’, ‘I want to be strong mentally and physically’ and ‘I want personal enlightenment.’

My meeting with qigong and martial arts goes back a long way to my childhood.

In my childhood I was sickly and had needs to build up strength physically and mentally, so I trained in qigong and martial arts.

Since then I regretted spending time for sleeping and instead spent more time for martial arts and qigong. When I reached the age of sixteen, to my fortune I was permitted to train in the Shaolin temple which opened its door to select few.

The Songshan Shaolin temple had been my admiration, so I continued training cutting back on my sleeping hours even more. Maybe because that effort was acknowledged, I was appointed to the position of

‘supreme grand master’ by then abbot, present abbot and many others.

For the position of supreme grand master, I was endowed with all of the rights concerning teaching of the qigong.

I wished to pass the training methods of Shaolin temple qigong practised in its home, the Songshan Shaolin temple, on to people in Japan and up until borrowed the help of many to realise the wish.

In future too, I wish to pass the tradition of Shaolin temple qigong widely on to as many people as possible and contribute towards the health of body and mind.

The modern era has become convenient but a difficult environment for people to live.

Especially Japan’s ageing has advanced at staggering speeds even compared to the rest of world and developed into a super-aged society causing major problems.

That problem is not confined within the boundary of the aged or people with disabilities but continues burdening everyone in Japan with economic responsibilities in utilising social resources.

Living in the super-aged society is making it easy to suffer in all aspects of humanity.

For the people to live better in such environment, there is the need to end the suffering and gain healthy body and mind.

Back in 1990 when I came to Japan as a researcher at Tokyo University, qigong was booming in the country.

However, to my mind the boom was superficial and I felt that the most crucial training objectives and intention such as those passed down in the Songshan Shaolin temple had not been passed on and that there are

indeed few who could teach them. Here lies the very reason for establishing ‘the All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association’.

On a technical note, I believe the techniques passed on to me at the Songshan Shaolin temple which I honed during the 20 years of training will come in useful to everyone in Japan.

My meeting with the Shaolin temple goes all the way back to year 1974. In my childhood, my body was weak and one day I had the good fortune to meet Great Master Shi Yongkai of the Songshan Shaolin temple in

the city of baoji, an inland town of the mainland China and was permitted to become a secular disciple of the Shaolin temple.

Through training in qigong and martial arts at the Songshan Shaolin temple and my body and mind, I have been convinced that the unity of healthy body and mind really is the fundamental condition for happiness in


The training regimen of the Shaolin temple which had brought confidence to me was developed by generations of high priests of the Songshan Shaolin temple and has been strictly kept inside the premises over the

course of 1,500 years.

Then the regimen has been preserved at a level beyond people’s imagination.

In actuality, I think that it is no exaggeration to call something which has been created in such harsh environment a valuable property of the whole world or mankind.

It has been seventeen years since I came to Japan.

I would be pleased if I could, however little, help people in Japan by teaching the qigong and martial arts that I have been learning in the Songshan Shaolin temple and contributing to the health of your body and mind.

I thank everyone who have supported me from the bottom of my heart.

Many thanks. December 2010


Qin Xiping
(秦 西平)

Buddhist Name:Shin Yanping
34th Supreme Grand Master of the Songshan Shaolin temple, China

Director of the All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association
Director of the NPO Incorporated All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Martial Arts Qigong Federation 
Doctor of Oriental Medicine

All-Rights Representative of Qigong Research Total Committee of the Songshan Shaolin temple in China
Visiting Researcher of Tokyo University
Professor and Vice-Headmaster of International Medical Qigong Institute in China
Visiting Professor of Xian Physical Education University
Vice-Manager and TCM Practitioner of Baoji People’s Hospital (Associate Professor)
Head of Qigong Department of the Incorporated School of Wellness Sports
Professor and Head of the Qigong Department of the Incorporated Educational Institution of Wellness Sports University
Special Adviser of Shaolin Epo Martial Arts Specialist Institute


【 Biography 】

Year 1958 Born in Xian, Shaanxi, China.
Started learning qigong and martial arts in Baoji, the sanctuary of Chinese Taoism outside school hours.
1974 Meets Songshan Shaolin temple 33rd Great Master Shi Yongkai and enrolled at the Shaolin temple. At the Shaolin templetrained under the supervision ofGreat Master Yongkai and Shi Yongxin-chanshi(current abbot of the Shaolin temple).
Great Master Yongkai occasionally visited Baoji and taught martial arts and qigong. The training was basic and owing to his previous 6 years of training, Shin Yanping did not have to spend much time undertaking it at all. However, the learning increased gradually in volume and difficulty. Afterwards by continuing hard training Qin had mastered secret Shaolin temple internal method, medical qigong, martial arts qigong, Shaolin temple qigong, Shaolin temple martial arts and boxing.
1980 Completed the core details of the training at the Shaolin temple and appointed as the 34th supreme grand master.
Further, observed and researched other styles and mastered more than 100 styles.
1993 Came to Japan as a domestically funded researcher dispatched from the Chinese government.
Began the life of a researcher in the ceramics laboratory of the material science branch of the School of Engineering at Tokyo University.
1994 Founded the All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association. Inaugurated as director. High Priest Shi Yongxin, the abbot of the Songshan Shaolin temple in China was inaugurated as honourable director.。 After the following year of 1995, a branch was established for an increase in membership. Founded ‘Qigong Instructor Training course’。
1998 Obtained PhD in oriental medicine.
1999 Published a book titled ‘”This is the qigong and martial arts” of the 34th Songshan Shaolin temple supreme grand master with Sangokan
2000 Presented a thesis at an academic conference of the Japan Dental Oriental Medicine Academy. The theme was ‘Tooth Extraction by Qigong Anaesthesia’.
2001 Disclosed the secrets passed down in the headquarters of the Shaolin temple of the Chinese martial arts fame! Published with Graph ‘Shaolin temple qigong health regimen’ designed to improve lifestyle and make the brain active.
2002 Invited to the 26th the American Society for Dental Aesthetics Conference in Las Vegas as a special lecturer.
2003 In a project with the Japan National Radiological Medicine Institute, Qin and his students succeeded in demonstrating the presence of projected external qi excluding the possibility of auto-suggestion in an experiment. The results were reported in the International Society of Life Information Science.
2004 In October Qin joined as a representative of Japan the First World Traditional Martial Arts Conference which was hosted by the Chinese Martial Arts Association and the International Martial Arts Federation. Qin’s thesis titled ‘The Dissemination and Training Methods of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts in the World won the gold medal in the thesis department. Also, the number of medals won by our conference participants totalled 7 gold, 14 silver and 13 bronze.

In November: participated in the 9th Shanghai International Qigong Science Symposium. Presented a thesis concerning external qigong (title: ‘Tooth Extraction by External Qi Anaesthesia and Demonstration of External Qi by External Qigong’ and ‘Changes in Life Energy by Qigong’). Using clinical data and graphs Qin elucidated the existence and effects of external qi scientifically and generated a lot of interest. The demonstration of secret dynamic qigong by students who accompanied as guests gained popularity.

NPO Japan Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Qigong Federation founded。Year 2005In July Qin was invited to the 10th memorial conference of the USA’s biggest qigong organisation, the National Qigong Association(N.Q.A). Secret dynamic qigong demonstration by Shi Yanping and his students became a flavour of the month and invited again as a lecturer to a conference the following year.

September: Appointed as speical advisor of Shaolin Epo Martial Arts Specialist Institute.

November: Awarded the Medical Qigong Master of The Year (2005) from The 8th World Qigong Congress in San Francisco. Delivered lectures titled ‘The Universe and The Science of The Human Body’ ‘The Principles of Qigong Anaesthesia. After demonstrating qigong anaesethesia, performed group demonstrations and qigong instructions and was given a positive reception. Invited to the same conference in the following year. [Additional Notes] from year 1998 to 2005 featured many times in programs of Japan TV and TV Asahi, etc. Appeared about 2000 times in TV series. Newspaper interviews and appearance in magazines and on their front page went total tens of times. The details of interviews are manifold ranging widely across health, beauty, diet and martial arts. →For details click here to visit ‘Media’ page


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